6 “mainstream” things to see in Bratislava


Martin Talač


At first you have to see and visit these 6 attractions and afterwards you can say “I´ve been to Bratislava”. 🙂

1. The Bratislava Castle

The number one must be definitely the Bratislava Castle. The castle is visible probably from any part of the town and it is the dominant feature of the city panorama. The castle was built on the hill above the city, which is quite easily accessible and it offers nice views of the Old Town. On summer evenings you can meet there a lot of people hanging out together on the walls of Bratislava castle.




2. The atmosphere of the streets of the Old Town

Walk slowly around the Old Town and then just take a seat in one of the numerous cafes and enjoy a cup of coffee, beer or anything else on the sunny terrace.




3. Michael’s Gate

The Michael’s Gate is a remain of the Middle Ages fortification of the city, built at the end of the 13th century. Nowadays the Michael’s Tower houses the Museum of Weapons and Town Fortification. From the top of the tower you can see the whole city centre from above.



4. Rubberneck – Mat at Work Statue

While walking in the streets, pay attention to not trip over this most photographed bronze statue, installed in late 90’s. Some say, that the man was born in the 19th century and was living his entire life in the sewer. The truth is that the man peeking out of the manhole was made by his creator, Mr. Hulík, with a purpose to make people smile. There is no hidden story behind this statue.



5. St. Martin’s Cathedral

The location for the coronation of 19 monarchs of the Hungarian Kingdom between 1536 and 1830. In those times was Bratislava the capital of the Hungarian Kingdom. The biggest and most majestic church in Bratislava was built in the 15th century.



6. Blue Church

The St Elizabeth’s Church is commonly known as the Blue Church or even the Smurf Church. Now have a look at the photo below and guess why its familiar name is drawn from the color blue. 🙂


Of course I know that you would like to see also some non-mainstream things in Bratislava. I will bring some information about these places later in another post.

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