For Travel Companies

Looking for a Slovak tour operator? Let’s connect, tell us what you are looking for and discuss possible cooperation.

Who we are

Slovakation Ltd. is a Slovak tour operator, specializing in hiking, trekking, and adventure packages for foreign travel companies. However, if you are looking for a historical, cultural and sightseeing program, feel free to reach out and let us know what you are looking for.

We partner and organize tours to Slovakia for travel companies for example from United Kingdom, Belgium, Denmark, Hong Kong.

Contacting us

To make our communication smooth and to get a proposal quickly, please provide us with as many details about your request as possible:

– How long the tour should be? How many days?
– How big is the group? How many participants?
– What kind of program are you looking for? – Hiking only, Trekking only, combination of both, history, biking, rafting…?
– What are your clients like? – Average age, beginners/experienced, solo travelers or couples, etc…
– What allocation of rooms do you need/prefer? – Single, Twin, Double, Apartments,..?
– Anything else you would like to add?

To get a proposal of a tour, please contact the owner – Martin at [email protected]. He usually replies within couple of hours or maximum 24 hrs.

We are looking forward to hearing from you to create an interesting tour and make your customers happy. That’s why we do it!

If you have any custom enquiry