About SLOVAKATION and How It All Started

We are looking forward to see what the future has prepared for us

The Beginning

This is me years ago when I was attending the guiding course. But that´s not how it all started. It has begun earlier – during the last year at the university. It was evening and I was studying for a final exam. All of a sudden I got the “Aha!” moment. For a long time I was thinking of my future and suddenly the idea appeared – showing travelers the most beautiful and interesting places of Slovakia. Since then I was taking little steps to get closer to this aim.

In reality the idea was not so new. It first appeared about a decade ago, when I was a student at the secondary school. It was an exchange program and students from Belgium came to Slovakia. I noticed that some of them liked almost everything here and I was wondering, why there are so few travelers visiting Slovakia from abroad. It´s a pity, they don´t know about our country. So I tried to change it a little bit with my blog Slovakation, that has later transformed into SLOVAKATION Travel Company.

SLOVAKATION later on...

After hard work at the beginning and a few partnerships established there were first clients traveling with Slovakation in 2015 and I received the first reviews like – “YOU SAVED US MANY HOURS OF GOOGLING” by Malla from Finnland (Self-guided trekking in Tatra mountains).

At that time I ran the first couple of group trips with travel companies from United Kingdom and gained priceless lessons and experience. And more and more groups were coming in the following years from United Kingdom, Israel, Belgium, Hong Kong…


And because I was not able to guide all of them anymore, I started to cooperate with Tom (whom I met at the guiding course) and later on with Patrik (Tom´s friend) and thanks to more and more travelers coming to Slovakia, we are all able to do what we enjoy – showing you the best of Slovakia.

We are looking forward to see what the future has prepared for us…

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