Current information about situation in Slovakia

Information about the conflict in Ukraine and COVID-19 measures

Updated: 1st December 2022

1 COVID policy valid since spring 2022

All measures regarding entering Slovakia were cancelled. Everyone can now enter Slovakia. You do not have to be vaccinated and you also do not need a negative test.

The only measure still valid is wearing the respirator FFP2 in hospitals.

2 Conflict in Ukraine

Slovakia is a neighboring country with Ukraine, however Slovakia is not part of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Slovakia is still safe country and a member of NATO.

Currently the war fronts are held in the east of Ukraine, approximately 1200 – 1400 km (750-900 miles) far away from the eastern border of Slovakia. That is an equivalent of the distance from London to Florence or New York to Chicago.

There are Ukrainian refugees fleeing to Slovakia. The Police in coordination with armed forces are securing a control crossing of the Slovak-Ukrainian border and the people fleeing from the war are given the help they seek.

At the moment Slovakia remains safe country to travel. If you have any concerns, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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