Updated: 9th November 2021


Only fully vaccinated travelers (older than 12 years and 2 months) can travel freely to Slovakia without self-isolation / quarantine.
Children younger than 12 years and 2 months are not eligible for Covid vaccination for now. If they are travelling with their fully vaccinated parents, they are considered to be fully vaccinated too.

A person is considered fully vaccinated if:

  • in the case of two-dose vaccines: 14 days have passed since receiving the second vaccine shot (but no more than one year);
  • in the case of one-dose vaccines: 14 days have passed since receiving the vaccine shot (but no more than one year);
  • in the case you recovered from Covid: 14 days have passed since receiving the first vaccine shot within 180 days since recovering (but no more than one year).

Everyone entering Slovakia is required to register with the eHranica online form and non-vaccinated travelers self-isolate for 14 days. The self-isolation might end after getting a negative result from PCR test taken earliest on 5th day of self-isolation.

2. Applicable measures

When travelling to Slovakia, don´t forget to bring a face mask. It is obligatory to wear it inside buildings – shops, malls, banks, petrol stations, hospitals, public transportation (trains, buses), etc.

Face mask don´t need to be worn when eating or drinking, for instance in restaurants, cafes, etc. Restaurants are open for fully vaccinated people.

Wearing of a face mask is mandatory even at mass gatherings held outdoors.

The hotel premises and rooms have to be disinfected after each guest.

Have a look at an overview of all the applicable measures adopted in connection with COVID-19. To see the list CLICK HERE

3. Measures of SLOVAKATION in regards with COVID-19

Guided Tours – During our guided tours we pay attention to disinfection and hygiene measures. We wear face masks during transfers, indoors and other situations, where we can´t ensure the 2 meters social distancing rule. The hotel rooms are disinfected after each stay as well as cars and buses.

Self-Guided – When taking part in a self-guided tour, don´t forget to bring a face mask and hand sanitizer. You will have to wear the face mask indoors in shops, hotels, banks, malls, hospital, etc. Don´t forget to wash your hands properly and use hand sanitizers to disinfect your hands.

4. Flexible cancellation Policy

If you have booked a tour with SLOVAKATION, we guarantee a full refund of your payment if travelling to Slovakia will be banned for all non-essential travels from a country of your current residency.

E.g. you are based in Germany and borders of Slovakia will be closed for citizens of Germany, the 100 % refund applies to you.

Under these circumstances you can also postpone your booking for later date.

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