Hiking in the amazing Sulovske rocks


Martin Talač


The Súľovské skaly (Sulovske rocks) forming an attractive rock town are situated in the north-west of Slovakia, only several kilometres from Žilina. Once even the Súľov castle was standing here. The first thing which came to my mind was – How the hell did they manage to build a castle up here? 🙂 And I wasn’t the only one. I heard a lot of people asking themselves the same question. We simply couldn’t imagine, how it was possible to build anything up on the cliffs in the 15th century. It would be difficult (or even not possible) also today.

The view from the top of the former castle at the village Sulov
In the bottom of the photo you can see the fragment of a castle’s wall

The Sulovske rocks are one of my favorite places, because the nature here is just amazing. When you hike up to the ruins of the castle and you will see the view and landscapes, you will understand what I’m talking about. Beautiful green forests, meadows, rocks and hills create an amazing panoramas and environment.

A lot of opportunities for climbing make of the Sulovske rocks a popular rock climbing area.

Every climber’s dream

I recommend you to go the same route as we did and you will experience everything mentioned above. You can find the route in the map at the end of the post. The hike is not difficult and even suitable for children.

In the Sulovske rocks you can visit a cave called Šarkania diera and according to a legend this cave was once home to a dragon.

But what made me really happy was the newly built restaurant, down under the Sulov castle, which we saw with my brother from the top of the former castle. From that moment we were looking forward to finally sit there and order a beer. 🙂

Another view of the village Sulov and the Sulov castle in the left

If you would like to hike in the Sulovske rocks, but you are missing any information, feel free to contact me for and advice at [email protected].

Ascending to the castle through the forest
Rocky forms
Rocky forms
Rocky town
Rocky town
Another cliff 😉
Beautiful meadows
Beautiful meadows


Meadows. We were finally close to our desired lager.
Beautiful hiking trail across the forest
Beautiful hiking trail across the forest

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