Just An Ordinary Day In The High Tatras


Martin Talač


If you were ever wondering, what is it like to go on a hike in the High Tatras, here I come with the answer.

After you set off on a hike, you can expect these 8 ordinary things.

1 Walking along crystal clear lakes…

tatra mountains
The Strbske Lake, probably the most famous place in the Tatra mountains.

2 Greenery, greenery everywhere…

tatranska magistrala
Walking the famous Tatranska Magistrala trail

3 Having a rest, surrounded by mountains…

The biggest lake in the slovak side of the Tatra Mountains

4 Close encounters of the third kind…

mountain goat
Chamois or a mountain goat. They are not afraid of people anymore and they use to come this close to people.

5 Walking through the labyrinth of dwarf pines…

dwarf pines

6 Views into the valleys…

valley high tatras
The Hlinska Valley. In the background you can see the West Tatras and you can also clearly see the difference between the High and the West Tatras. While the peaks of the High Tatras are pretty sharp, the peaks in the West Tatras are mostly rounded and you can walk on the ridge.

7 Praying for the end of a neverending ascent…

hiking trail high tatras
On the way to the top of the Koprovsky peak…

8 Feeling joy after reaching the summit…

koprovsky peak
…aaand it´s top, which is 2 363 m above sea level.

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