Strenuous winter hike in Mala Fatra National park


Martin Talač


The peak – Veľký Rozsutec is considered to be the one of the most beautiful peaks in Slovakia and the hike to the Velky Rozsutec belongs to the most challenging hikes in the National park Mala Fatra. The summit is more than 1 600 m high and cumulative elevation gain is approximately 1 100 m. The hike involves steep inclines, going up through gorges, steep ladders and scrambling. It is a difficult hike in the summer and in the winter, even more. That´s why, this hike is suitable for experienced hikers.

In the beginning we walked through well-known Jánošíkové diery. Jánošíkové diery is a system of gorges carved by steadily flowing water. It is a popular hiking route. If you are looking for an easier hike in Mala Fatra National park, you can walk only through the gorge and back to where you start.

After we walked out of the gorges, the suffering began. The snow wasn´t too deep, but it required a lot more energy to walk through the snow, and furthermore, the steepest part was just ahead of us. And that part of the ascent was strenuous. Honestly, I couldn´t wait to be at the top. I was unusually exhausted. During the ascent I was hating the mountains, hiking, nature, cursing the moment I decided to go there. 🙂 But when we finally got to the top and got rewarded with the spectacular views, I wasn´t thinking about the terrible ascent anymore and forgot it all.

IMG_4993 – kópia
At first we walked through Jánošíkové diery gorges
IMG_5008 – kópia
Walking along the waterfalls – that´s what hiking in Jánošíkové diery is about
IMG_5023 – kópia
After going through the gorges we stepped into different world
IMG_5039 – kópia
First checkpoint
IMG_5043 – kópia
After we enjoyed this view, we walked further
IMG_5047 – kópia
This was the worst part of the day
IMG_5061 – kópia
And here we come. We are almost there
IMG_5077 – kópia
The view at the West Tatras
IMG_5071 – kópia
This is the top – Veľký Rozsutec
IMG_5084 – kópia
The view at the whole mountain ridge of Mala Fatra
IMG_5087 – kópia
The view at Mala Fatra without me
IMG_5074 – kópia
When going down, you have to hold the chains to stay safe, that you can see on the left side
IMG_5090 – kópia
Time to take off the crampons and Veľký Rozsutec in the background

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