The North Pole in Slovakia


Martin Talač



IMG_20160214_100043.jpgAt the beginning the weather was like this. We almost got lost, because of the poor visibility. But then in about 30 seconds all changed.

Especially in one place, the wind was so strong, I thought the wind was going to blow me away. You can see what I´m talking about on the videos below.


And the second video



IMG_5334 – kópia

It really took about 30 seconds and suddenly we had this weather.

IMG_5327 – kópia

IMG_5338 – kópia
I didn´t want to leave…
IMG_5344 – kópia
…but, we had to keep on walking.
IMG_5354 – kópia
We walked on this ridge
IMG_5367 – kópia
Freeskiers skiing down. In the background you can see the Great Fatra mountains
IMG_5392 – kópia
This was the most windy place
IMG_5394 – kópia
We safely came across and those people were struggling now.
IMG_5398 – kópia
The end of the ridge is on the left. Still quite far, but now the wind was not so strong anymore and we were really enjoying the hike

IMG_5399 – kópia

IMG_5417 – kópia
After we came to the end of the ridge and we looked back, we saw that the place where we started is again draped in clouds.

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