Trenčin Castle – The Well Of Love


Martin Talač


trencin castle

At the medieval Trenčín castle ([ˈtrentʃiːn],) the duke Zápoľský (Zapolya), was delighted with his victory over the Turkish army, that was threatening his territory. After the battle, the duke took captives to the Trenčín castle. Beautiful Fatima was one of them. Omar, her beloved, was Turkish aristocrat and was willing to do anything to free his lady. He offered to the duke all his treasures in exchange for his mercy, but the duke required only one thing – a well at the castle.  The water from the well would ensure enough water for everybody (soldiers, peasants, cooks), if the castle was attacked by the enemy´s troops.

Omar agreed and started to dig 80 meters deep well with his companions. It took them more than 3 years, until the water began to spring. Omar came up of the well with a full jar of water, handed it over to the duke, grabbed Fatima´s hand and said to the duke: „Zápoľský, now you have the water, but not the heart.“ They got on the horse and rode off.

IMG_5671 – kópia
This is how the well looks like nowadays

Omar ´s love was unconditional. If the story was real. In fact, the well was dug by soldiers in the 16th century and it took them around 40 years. They´ve never found the water, even though the water level was more than 10 m high. It was rain water gathering in the well.

The town Trenčín, belongs to the oldest towns of Slovakia and was first mentioned in the 11th century, but the history of the town goes back thousands of years. The significant historic relic is situated at the cliff on which stands the castle. It´s a carved inscription, left there by the roman army in the year 179. The inscription proves, that Trenčín is possibly the northernmost place in the world, visited by the Romans. To see the inscription, you need to enter the Hotel Elizabeth and then better ask the receptionist for directions.

IMG_5611 – kópia
2000 years old inscription

I guess, you would appreciate a tip, where you can sit and have a rest after you come back from the castle. Trencin´s centre is full of various cafes. So far I´ve visited two of them and I recommend you both. The first one is Café Sladkovic with various cakes, raw cakes and delicious coffee. It´s also no. 1 café on Tripadvisor. The second café is Ogodo, where they serve their own roasted coffee. The coffee is roasted directly in the café situated at the Šturovo square.

The Šturovo square with the Ogodo cafe
IMG_20160403_144352 – kópia
Delicious cake in Cafe Sladkovič
trencin town
On the way to the castle we walked through this old street
Entrance gateway to the castle
IMG_5623 – kópia
Fortification walls. The tower at the end of the path was originally observation tower. Later it served as a prison and starving tower.
trencin castle
Entrance into the main part of the castle
IMG_5629 – kópia
Inside of the castle
IMG_5640 – kópia
I always like to go up to the highest observation tower
IMG_5636 – kópia
Above the town
trencin from above
The Mierove square from above

trencin castle

IMG_5662 – kópia
There is also a gallery with the Trenčin castle paintings

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