What travellers like in Slovakia – Part 1


Martin Talač


Guiding and spending time with travellers from abroad has an undisputable advantage. They see Slovakia with their own eyes and sometimes they notice things, that I can´t realize after living my whole life here. I learned, that even things that really grind my (and others) gears can be considered as amazing by foreign travellers. Sometimes I´m really surprised and delighted at the same time. I bet a lot of Slovaks will not agree with the following statements, but believe me, all this is true and was said out loud.

I decided to share those findings with you. I hope, I´ll be able to write more than just one part.

Here we go. First 5 things that tourists like in Slovakia:

1. Roads in a good condition

This was unexpected. I was really surprised by this statement. Every Slovak driver (including me) complains about the quality of our roads. Mostly the roads are damaged and with a lot of holes. But when I was driving one group in the surroundings of the High Tatras, one lady told me, the roads are really in a good condition.

high tatras

2. Clean streets and towns

The streets of our towns, villages are clean, without rubbish. I can tell, I also noticed this. Several years ago garbage on the streets was really a serious problem, but the awareness of people is rising and people don´t throw so much garbage on the street than before.

banska stiavnica
Banska štiavnica

3. Herbal tee at the Hut by the Green lake

2 € for a delicious half liter herbal tee at the Hut by the Green lake in the High Tatras, made by their own secret recipe. Every mountain hut in the High Tatras has it´s own recipe and I like all of them.

herbal tea
That´s the tea

4. Forested country

When driving through Slovakia, one client said, Slovakia has really a lot of forests and greenery.


5. Cheap beer

The price for a half liter varies from 0,80 € to 2,50 € depending on, whether you order it in a smoky bar in a village, or in a touristy area.

Stay tuned for the next 5 things. 🙂

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