5 Unique Activities To Do In Slovakia vol. 2


Martin Talač


Sometime ago we published the first blog post about interesting activities that you can do in Slovakia and now we bring the next 5 activities. You can have a look at the first blog post if you CLICK HERE.

1 Visit VYCHODNA Folklore Festival

Folklore Festival VYCHODNA is the largest and oldest festival in Slovakia. It takes place during the first weekend of July each year. 1400 performers, musicians, artists and craftsmen come to the village of Vychodna to present the traditional folk culture.

What is so special about this festival? This festival is interactive. You can participate in many music, dance, singing and craft workshops. Rich program for children is a matter of course.

Location: Východná, North Slovakia
Price: From 8 € to 30 €
Availability: First weekend of July

2 Skiing in Jasna Ski Resort

Jasna Ski Resort is the biggest ski resort in Slovakia. It´s situated in the Low Tatras mountains and offers almost 50 km of ski slopes and numerous freeride zones for advanced skiers. You will not be hungry thanks to numerous restaurants with local cuisine and apres ski

The resort sprawls in the area of Peak Chopok, which is 2 024 m high. It is possible to ski on both North and South side of the mountain range. The resort has seen a huge investment over the past decade.

Location: Jasna, Demänovska Dolina, Liptov region
Getting there: By bus from Liptovsky Mikulas or by car
Price: From 43 €/day
Opening hours: December – April. Depending on snow conditions

3 Adventure hike in the Slovak Paradise

The Slovak Paradise National Park is like a playground for adults. The hikes through the gorges follow the system of ladders, iron ledges and catwalks.

The most popular hike is through the gorge Sucha Bela. It begins at Podlesok. From the end of the gorge walk to Klastorisko, decend to Prielom Hornadu gorge and walk back to Podlesok by river Hornad. It´s not suitable for children under 10 YO.

Walk to Tomašovsky viewpoint from Čingov. There are not ladders and iron ledges on the way. Suitable also for children under 10 YO.

The park is very popular mainly in summer months. So we recommend to start the hike at around 8:30 AM to avoid the crowds coming to the park later. The gorges are only one way and you can´t be afraid of heights. Also bear in mind that you should have appropriate sturdy hiking boots to have a good grip and stay safe.

Location: Podlesok or Čingov, North Slovakia
Price: 1,50 €/person
Availability: All year round. Not safe in winter!

You can join us for a weekend adventure to Slovak Paradise

4 Parenica treatment in Sklene Teplice spas

You can find a lot of various spa resorts in Slovakia. The one in Sklene Teplice is unique. It´s because of the Parenica treatment. During Parenica you spend 20 min. in a small cave with geothermal water. The water is completely natural and it flows into a small pool directly from the ground. Its temperature is 42°C. You don´t need anything special, only your swimwear.

Apart from Parenica the spa resort offers more treatments, as The Bath of Maria Theresia or Cacao Facial Treatment. You can learn more about the treatments on their website.

Location: Sklene Teplice Spa Resort, Central Slovakia
Price: 1,50 €/person
Availability: MON – SUN, 9 – 19

5 Take a photo of Eliška the fox

Eliška the fox is a well known fox in Slovakia. Every now and then some hikers take picture of her and put it online. It is possible to meet her in the High Tatras and take a picture like this if you are lucky enough to find her. She often comes close to hiking paths.

She is a wanderer, but it´s likely to meet her near the Rainerova chata hut and Zamkovskeho chata hut. These places are reachable from Stary Smokovec and the walk is suitable also for children. Warning: Please, don´t feed her if you meet her.

Location: Reinerova/Zamkovskeho chata hut, High Tatras
Getting there: Walking or by funicular from Stary Smokovec
Price: Priceless
Availability: All year round

Sometime ago we published the first blog post about interesting activities that you can do in Slovakia and now we bring the next 5 activities. You can have a look at the first blog post if you CLICK HERE.

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