The Best Hike of the Year


Martin Talač


We weren´t conquering any high peak, nor it wasn´t the toughest trek, even though it was the best hike I´ve done this year. Why? The answer is simple – the autumn. We´ve done the hike in the late September in beautiful weather.

hiking high tatras
The view we´ve got after we walked out of the forest. In the past there were several copper mines in this valley.

The Belianske Tatras is the easternmost part of the Tatra mountains and we walked all around them. They are made up of limestone, while the other parts of Tatras are made up of granite, what makes them different. Millions of years ago, The area is highly protected for it´s unique flora. Some of the flowers are endemic and really rare, like for example the Edelweiss.

In the past, hikers were allowed to walk on the ridge and there were some other hiking trails publicly opened, but it has changed in 1978, due to the excessive destruction of the nature. Nowadays there is just one hiking trail crossing the range and one trail going around the mountains.

Nobody knows why, but in 2006 all the marmots in this area went extinct. Since then the park rangers have been trying to bring new marmots to this area, to settle new colonies and fortunately, it works. Nowadays there are about 50 of them.

This memorial, dedicated to victims of the Shepherd´s wars, is situated in the Zadne Medodoly valley in the Belianske Tatras. At the end of 16th century, the disputes over the boarders of pastures between the towns Spisska Kapitula and Spisska Bela, led to several armed conflicts.
The mountains in the background are Polish Tatras
In the mountain saddle – Kopske sedlo

And after the rest we walked further

By the White lake

Autumn at its best 🙂

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