Camping can help you to sleep more


Martin Talač


Have you heard that? The US scientists (who else, right?) have found, that camping can improve your sleeping habits or even help to cure the insomnia. What is the secret? You should pack off to the mountains without lights and all your electrical gadgets. It will help you to reset your internal clocks.

All the artificial lights in our homes are changing our habits and the light is unnaturally extending the day. That´s why you usually go to bed 2-3 hours later, than you should actually be going. “Our modern environment has really changed the timing of our internal clocks, but also the timing of when we sleep relative to our clock,” said Kenneth Wright, director of the sleep and chronobiology lab at the University of Colorado in Boulder. “A weekend camping trip can reset the clock rapidly.”

How have they found out? Mr. Wright sent 6 people to the Rocky Mountains for 6 days without torches and devices. As they weren´t using any artificial light, the level of melatonin (the sleep hormone) began to rise more than 2 and a half hours earlier and therefore they went to bed 2 and half hours earlier. Instead of 7 and half hours usual long sleep, they slept for about 10 hours each night.

You don´t have to sleep in a tent, if you would like to reset your clocks. Hut to hut trekking could be helpful as well. There is no internet connection at the huts, so the desire to check your phone frequently maybe still exist, but there is no point in doing it. So instead of browsing the internet on your phone or watching TV, your internal clocks will „tell“ you to go to bed a couple of hours earlier than at home.

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