Best Views in the Mala Fatra Mountains


Martin Talač


During the recent hike to Boboty in the Mala Fatra mountains in Slovakia, we had one of the best views you can get there. The highest point of the hike was only about 1100 meters, but thanks to its location we could see the whole Vratna valley and the massif of Mala Fatra mountains. You can see it all in the pictures below.

The whole hike is quite short and it took us only about 4 and half hrs. The ascent and descent are pretty steep. There is even little bit of scrambling during the ascent and couple of short parts secured with chains. After we´d reached the top, we spent some time walking on the ridge through forest. Overall, I think this is a great hike, if you don´t have enough time for a big hike, but still want to see some great views and take beautiful landscape photos.

Scroll down to see the photo story, capturing the hike from the beginning till the end.

The begining of the ascent
First impressive view into the valley
hike in forest
Morning forest
Little bit of srambling, while going up
You can nicely see here that spring hasn´t reached the higher altitudes yet. In lower altitudes all of the trees are freshly green, whilst trees growing higher have no leafs yet.

We will be going there in May 2019 as a group. Are you interested?

The view into the Vratna valley
hiking in slovakia
A pose at the top is a must.
Gentian or Gentiana clusii in latin
View at the massif on the Mala Fatra mountains


The peak Velky Rozsutec on the left side and the peak Stoh on the right
This meadow is a great place for a break. Isn´t it?
Another good place for a break after the hike 🙂
Walking back to the parking lot

We will be going there in May 2019 as a group. Are you interested?


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