A boat ride in the Domica cave


Martin Talač


So far, about 7100 caves were discovered in Slovakia. Some of them are small, but some of them consist of tens of kilometres long underground corridors. Probably the most famous is the system of Demänovska caves, but I don´t want to talk about those right now. If you travelled to the South of Slovakia you could visit the Domica cave, which is situated in the Slovak Karst National Park.  It´s part of UNESCO Natural Heritage. It´s connected with the Baradala cave in Hungary and together they form a cave complex, with total length of 25 km.

You can choose from 2 tours. One is shorter and takes about 45 minutes and another is longer and takes about 60 min. The best attraction of the cave is probably the boat ride on the river Styx. It´s possible only when there is enough water in the underground river and if you decide for the longer tour. The shorter one doesn´t include the boat ride.

The cave is situated near the towns Tornaľa and Rožňava, close to the border with Hungary. The cave is closed on Mondays and maximum entry fee is 8 €. The average temperature is about 11°C, so don´t forget so take a sweater or jacket even in summer.

You can find more information about the cave, if you CLICK HERE.

Photos source: slovakia.travel

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