It didn´t look like a good day for hiking, but…


Martin Talač


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It was foggy, dark and cold morning and it really didn´t look like we´re going to have a good time up in the mountains. It was that kind of day, when you barely want to get out of your bed. As we were leaving in the morning, we didn´t know, what the weather was going to be like at the top of the mountains. I was praying all morning for something better. Fortunately, it was completely different. The mother nature rewarded us for our efforts.

That day was Saint Nicholas day. St. Nicholas was living long time ago, in the 4th century, and had a reputation of generous man, secretly giving money and gifts to poor people. Nowadays St. Nicholas gives sweets to children, in case they were obedient during the year. During our hike we reached a mountain hut and there was somebody dressed up as St. Nicholas. Children are usually those who enjoy the generosity of St Nicholas, but this time it was adults, who were really happy to see him, because Nicholas was giving Vodka to adults, instead of giving sweets to kids. 🙂

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This is how the weather looked like for the most of the day. Not impressed… huh?
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But a little bit later, it started to change… and we could see the Low Tatras in the distance.
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Finally we escaped from the mist
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The view at the West Tatras
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Saint Nicholas at the mountain hut

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The peak on the left is called Velky Krivan. The trail to the peak was so icy, that it was impossible to reach it without crampons.
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Amazing winter hike in Slovakia

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IMG_4615-01 - kopie
The view at the Low Tatras in the background
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Now we are in the pass and this is view to the north side of the mountain range.
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Oh no! We are going down there again.
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