Weekend in the Mountains


Martin Talač


Looking for a weekend trekking adventure break? The High Tatras is an ideal place to do so. Did you know that recent research showed, staying in nature for more than 3 nights will clear your mind and you will perform 50% better on creative tasks? If you think that I´m lying, you can read more about the research HERE. So if you need a break and you need to go to nature, this could be a plan for you. Here is a simple itinerary of a weekend stay. If 2 nights are just not enough, the trip may be extended to desired number of nights. Even a month. 🙂

This a photo story of our weekend trip to the High Tatras and it can serve you as an inspiration for your own trip.


strbske pleso lake
Coming to the village of Štrbské pleso, where the famous Lake of Štrbské pleso is situated as well. You can walk around the lake and then have a break and a coffee in a restaurant, situated right at the shore of the lake. From the terrace you can enjoy the views at the mountains.
Afterwards, you can take a chair lift and ascend to the Peak Predné Solisko. The chair lift will take you to 1800 m.a.s.l., but the top of the peak is more than 2 100 metres high. You can see the chair lift in the left half of the photo. The Peak Predné Solisko is the one on the left side.

After coming back down, you will set off on a hike to the Lake Popradske pleso. You´ll be walking through this nice forest.

After about 2 hrs, you will come to this magnificient place. You can spend the following nights in this mountain hotel, which was built on the shore of the lake. You can see it in the bottom right corner.

You can walk around the lake in the evening, find some quiet place and enjoy the atmosphere by sunset.


There are at least two possibilities on this day. Either you can ascend to the highest peak of Poland – Rysy, or hike to the biggest lake of the High Tatras and ascend to the Peak Kôprovský štít. Both hikes are spectacular, but hike to Rysy is more popular and therefore you should expect that you will meet more people during the day.

On the other hand, from the Peak Koprovsky štit you will see the same views and probably meet less people, what is an advantage.
But before reaching the top, you have to walk for couple of hours.

On a hot day you can refresh yourself in this stream.

On the way to Kôprovský štít you can have a break for example by the Lake Hincovo pleso, which is the biggest and deepest lake in the High Tatras.

…and you will also see the Valley Temnosmrečianska dolina.
And in the evening you can find a different quite place by the lake and enjoy the sunset again. 🙂


After breakfast you will set off on a hike back to the village of Štrbské pleso. If you stop every now and then and look around, this will be the view behind your back. 🙂
If you have time to spare after coming back to the village of Štrbské pleso and you are not tired of all those lakes yet, you can find these well hidden lakes called Lakes of Love.

Well, so this was a quick summary of what you can do in the High Tatras during a weekend. This was just one of the places and there are still many more left.

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