High Above the Štrbské pleso


Martin Talač


For a long time I was thinking, that ski resort at Štrbské pleso is not interesting enough. But I was wrong. I realized this a couple weeks ago, as I visited the Chalet under the Predné Solisko and then I hiked up to the Predné Solisko (2 093 m. a.s.l.).

I was there not as a skier, but as a hiker. The weather and ski conditions were so perfect, that I soon regretted not having my skis and realized, that this resort is quite interesting. It offers easy and moderate slopes, what is ideal for families. The slopes are south oriented with the amazing views at the surroundings and the opposite mountain range – the Low Tatras.

The Low Tatras

If you want to visit this chalet, I recommend to you to walk the red trail from Štrbské pleso to the place “Pod Furkotskou dolinou” and then walk the yellow trail through Furkotská Dolina (valley) to the place called “Škutnastá poľana”. From there walk the blue trail to the chalet. I find this way more interesting than walking the blue trail directly from Štrbské pleso to the chalet. I walked none of these trails. I simple took the cableway. 🙂

Therefore I decided to hike up at least to the Predné Solisko. The snow cover was not too deep so it didn´t seem too dangerous to me, but it was not too safe either. The slope was quite steep and slippy and I was thinking about going down a few times during the ascend. The motivation for me, were the 3 guys, who were going up the steep hill in their ski boots. So I told to myself, “if they can do it, I must do it”. It would be easier, if I had at least hiking poles. When I reached the top, I forgot everything. The views from there were magnificent.

Look at the map at the bottom of the page for information about hiking to the chalet.

If you would like to see this with your own eyes, you can contact me ([email protected]) and I can provide you with more information, or even I can take care of your whole trip to Slovakia.

You can find out more about skiing in High Tatras visit on this website.

On my way to the cableway
The Predné Solisko (2 093 m. a.s.l.) and The Štrbské Solisko (2 302 m. a.s.l.)
Biathlon center where Winter Universiade 2015 took place
The ski jumping complex of The Winter Universiade 2015
The cableway
Mlynická dolina (valley)
The view from the cableway
The Low Tatras and skiers
The Chalet under the Predné Solisko
The Low Tatras
Furtkotská dolina (valley)
Ascending to the Predné Solisko. Mlynická dolina (valley)
The Peak – Ostrá (2 350 m. a.s.l.)
At the top of Predné Solisko
The view into the Mlynická dolina (valley) from the top
The view from the top

As I didn´t hike up to the chalet on my own, but in case, you would like to hike there by the recommended way, look at the map below. You can go down by the same way, or by the blue trail or with the cableway.

Route 2,931,508 – powered by www.wandermap.net

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