Team Building in the High Tatras


Martin Talač


This was probably the most colorful day, that I´ve ever spent in the mountains. The weather and nature created incredible landscape views. The sky was oceanic blue, the top of the mountains were slightly covered with snow, the colors of trees varied from yellow and orange to red and evergreen trees were… just green. 🙂

That day I was not guiding, neither hiking on my own. We had a company team building event in the High Tatras and we were lucky to spend the day right there. Hiking teambuilding is a very good way how to strenghten relations with your colleagues.

We went to the Popradske lake, but as the day was so perfect, I wanted to do something more challenging. All my colleagues decided to rather stay at the Chalet by the Popradske lake and to enjoy all that beauty from below. They were hiking with their small children, so I understand that they couldn´t and didn´t want to go further with them, as they were already quite exhausted. Even though I decided to go ahead on my own, to the peak (Ostrva), and believe me, it was worth it. In the evening they were really jelous as they heard me talking about the flock of chamoix that I met while descending back down to the Popradske lake.

Look at the pictures below to see that I´m not lying about how beautiful day it was.

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The day started by the Strbske Lake


The first snow of this year´s winter season
Try to find the snowball




The Popradske lake
The Chalet by the Popradske Lake
The path was covered with snow and sometimes even with ice and it would be definitely easier to walk with crampons.
The view at the end of Mengusovska Valley. If I was even in higher altitude, I could have seen the largest and deepest lake in the Slovak part of the High Tatras – the Hincovo lake. It´s hidden there, surrounded by all those peaks.
The flock of chamoix

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