In a territory of a bear


Martin Talač



I undertook this hike with my brother and our common friend in the autumn of the year 2014, but I´m convinced that it´s worth to share it with you anyway. I love to hike in autumn, because the nature is unbelievably colourful, what you can see in the photos.

Our goal was the peak Volovec situated in West Tatras, with an altitude of 2 063 m. a.s.l. I have already reached this peak several times in the past, but had never walked the blue trail in the “endless” Jamnicka dolina (Jamnicka valley).

The highlight of our trip were the footprints of a bear, which I found right on the trail. Probably the thirsty bear stopped off to drink from the puddle, a long time before we came to this place. Along the whole blue trail he was leaving also another signs of his activity – remainings of his digestive system. 🙂 His presence was clear as we were walking across his territory and habitat. It was enough for me to stay afraid for the rest of the day. 🙂

The weather remained perfect all day, so we could enjoy amazing view in all directions from Volovec.

bear footprints
Beautiful bear´s footprints right on the hiking trail
jamnicka valley
The peaks of Roháče
snow in autumn
Joy of the first snow that year
We´re almost by the Jamnicke glacier lake
hiking trail
Hiking trail along the lake
At the top of the peak Volovec we were not alone
autumn high tatras
The view from the top at the High Tatras

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