Spisska Sobota – The hidden treasure


Martin Talač


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Right under the peaks of the High Tatras lies a small village called Spisska Sobota, which belongs to the best preserved medieval towns in Slovakia. It´s not very well known, because it´s just a district of the bigger town Poprad. (Probably you´d heard of Poprad, if you´ve ever travelled to the High Tatras, or you are about to travel there.) You´d be surprised, how completely different looks Spisska Sobota from Poprad, even though it´s actually the same town. It´s like going back to medieval times.

Did you know, that St. George´s Church, built at the main square of the village, is the only church, that was visited by Queen Elizabeth II., during her the first and the last visit to Slovakia in 2008?

In the past, Spisska Sobota was an important, wealthy center of trade, handicrafts, culture life and some of the offices. At that time, it was probably more important than Poprad, but later Poprad somehow overtook Spisska Sobota and became the main center of the High Tatras region. Nowadays, Spisska Sobota is the right place to have a lunch or coffee at the one of the restaurants situated at the main square, if you want to enjoy the atmosphere of medieval times. We didn´t enjoyed the medieval atmosphere so much, as the temperature during our visit was around -15°C. That´s a good temperature to hide in a cozy café, of one of the refurbished historic hotels. And that´s exactly what we did. 🙂

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The Church of Saint George was built in the 13th century. Wooden altars made by famous Master Paul of Levoča can be seen inside. But those are not as monumental as the biggest wooden altar in the world, made by Master Paul, which is situated in the town Levoča. It must be an amazing view at the High Tatras from the tower. It´s a pity, that the church was closed at the time of our visit.
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Very well preserved houses at the main square. Typical architectural feature is a high, wooden roof with long overhang above the street. Thanks to them, people didn´t get wet during the rain.
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