Velka Fatra Mountains Trek


Martin Talač


„It´s going to rain. Wait a second, I´m going to put on my raincoat“ I said to my brother, as we were approaching massive cloud, while walking on the mountain ridge in Velka Fatra mountains (The Great Fatra).

„I don´t need it. It´s not going to rain.“ He said.

After 10 seconds, while I was already searching the raincoat in my backpack, the first raindrops fell on us. These raindrops convinced my brother to do the same. Afterwards, we were walking in a heavy rain for about 30 minutes. Actually I was happy, because for the first time I could test my jacket, if it´s really waterproof. And it really is.

The storm came in the late afternoon, when we were already quite exhausted after the whole day of walking. But when the lightning struck about 200m far away from us, you wouldn´t believe, how refreshed we felt after. I think, we could even overrun the winner of the 110 m hurdles in Rio, because we wanted to reach the mountain hut asap.

We spent the night at the mountain hut – Chata pod Borišovom (The Hut under the Borišov peak), which has the coziest dining room among all the huts in Slovakia. After the rain, the weather was just perfect – warm and sunny, so we could sit outside and enjoy the surroundings for the rest of the day.

chata pod borisovom
In the evening we enjoyed couple of beers and – this view.
IMG_5809 – kópia
Most of the 1st day we spent walking in the clouds
IMG_5827 – kópia
Huge grassy meadows, that´s what I like about this area
IMG_5829 – kópia
The rain is just about to start
IMG_5832 – kópia
The sun came out after the rain…
IMG_5848 – kópia
…and there´s always rainbow after the rain. Literally


IMG_5845 – kópia
The sun is settling down
IMG_5859 – kópia
In the morning we walked to the village Liptovske Revuce, where our adventure ended. The Small red dot is a roof of the hut.
IMG_5862 – kópia
Morning in the mountains. So peacefull and quiet


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