Self-Guided Trekking in the High Tatras 5 Days

Self-Guided Hut to Hut trekking tour in the High Tatras is a great way, how to explore the Tatra mountains at your own pace.

5 Days

What is included in this tour?

  • Organization of the whole tour
  • 2 nights in mountain huts
  • 2 nights in a mountain hotel
  • 4x Breakfast
  • 2x Dinner
  • Detailed guide book about your trek
  • GPS coordinates
  • Help with arranging of your tour
  • 2x Dinner
  • Lunches and drinks
  • Cost of travel to Slovakia
  • Insurance covering outdoor activities


Tour Plan

Day 1

Hut by the Green Lake

Your trek starts in the village of Tatranska Lomnica. The village is reachable by train or bus from the town of Poprad. We recommend to arrive to Tatranska Lomnica latest at 14:00 in order to have enough time for the first hike.

If you need an overnight after your arrival the day before, we recommend to find the accommodation directly in Tatranska Lomnica. Contact us, if you need any help or advice with the booking.

From Tatranska Lomnica you will walk to my most favourite place in the High Tatras, where you will spend the night. The place is called the Green Lake and there was built a cozy hut on its shore. The name of the lake was not chosen by any coincidence and you will understand why right after you come there.

Km walked: 12,2 / Meters ascended: 855

Day 2

Zamkovskeho hut

After leaving the hut in the morning, you will walk on a zig zag path to the top of the peak Velka Svistovka, which is more than 2000 m high. In the surroundings of this peak it´s possible to see the chamoix, so don´t forget to stop every now and then and look around to find them.

Km walked: 8,6/ Meters ascended: 615

Day 3

Popradske Lake Mountain hotel

Do you like walking in a labyrinth? Today you are going to walk through one. Well, it´s not a real labyrinth, but I always feel like in a labyrinth when I walk this path. It´s because of a narrow hiking trail in the dwarf pines. On this day you can rest and have a lunch on the highest situated mountain hotel in the central Europe. In the evening you will come to the Popradske Lake, where you´re going to spend the night in one of the hotels.

Km walked: 19,8 / Meters ascended: 1196

Day 4

Peak Rysy or Peak Koprovsky

Today you can choose from two TOPs. The more challenging possibility is a hike to the peak Rysy (2500 m. a.s.l.), which is the highest peak of Slovak Tatra mountains where you can go without a mountain guide. The less challenging (but still pretty strenous) is a hike to the deepest lake of the Slovak Tatra mountains – the Hincovo lake and from there you can continue to the peak Koprovsky stit.

You will spend the night in the same hotel, so you don´t have to carry all your stuff with you during the day.

2 optional hikes today

Day 5

Lake Strbske pleso

After breakfast you will walk for about 2 hrs to the finnish point of the trek – to the village of Štrbské pleso. Štrbske pleso is probably the most popular place in the High Tatras, because of the lake Štrbské pleso. If you google pictures of the High Tatras, probably a lot of photos were taken right on the shore of this lake.

After arrival, you can spend some time at Štrbské pleso or departure from the High Tatras, depending on your plans.

This itinerary is not binding. We may change the route, due to lack of free places at one of the huts. But you have to agree with it first.

We approach every booking request individually.

Km walked: 5,3 / Meters ascended: 150

Prices & dates

Frequently asked questions

  • After receiving of the payment and receiving of accommodation confirmations.

  • I recommend you to have a good pair of waterproof hiking boots with ankle support. Even if the day is sunny, the weather can change quickly and you can end up walking in rain. Therefore you also need to have a waterproof jacket or a raincoat and some dry spare clothes. Also don´t forget about warm clothes even in summer, because temperature in the mountains is lower.

  • No, you don´t need any special gear, but walking with a heavy backpack is much easier, if you are using walking poles.

  • Every day you will have a chance to eat on other mountains huts, which are on the way. There is only one day, when you can choose a hike without a hut. In this case, you can buy something at the hut where you slept the last night.

  • No, you don´t need a sleeping bag. You will sleep in beds.

  • You can expect the temperature at 1500 m. a.s.l. to be around 20°C, but may be 30°C as well. Usually the weather is pleasant and you can walk in T-shirt and shorts in June, July and August. But, you still need some warm clothes, because the weather may change quickly and the temperature may drop from 25 to 15 within minutes, if it´s going to start to rain for example. Sometimes there are storms in the afternoon or in the evening.In late September and October, the weather is more stable, without so many lightning storms. The temperature is lower. In the mountains, you can expect the temperature to be around 10-15 °C at 1500 m.a.s.l.

If you have any custom enquiry