6 TOP views you can get when hiking in Slovakia


Martin Talač


Why you go hiking? I guess everybody has a different motive or reason, but I think we all share one in common – VIEWS. I think 99% of hikers do it also because of the views and some great landscapes. This blog post is about TOP views in Slovakia in various parts and mountains of Slovakia. Let´s get to it.

1 Baranec in the Western Tatras

Baranec is a peak in the Western Tatras. It is a pretty difficult hike because the peak is almost 2200m high and again you can choose from several ways. The view from the top is really rewarding. You can see the whole High Tatas mountain range if you look to the East and on the South you can see the Low Tatras.

2 Chabenec in the Low Tatras

Now this will be a surprise for my Slovak followers probably, but in the Low Tatras I´d say peak Chabenec offers one of the best views in the Low Tatras. Not Chopok or the highest peak – Ďumbier. From Chabenec you will nicely see the main ridge and even Chopok. And it is also less crowded, what is really important I think.

3 Veľký Choč

This mountain is situated near the town of Ruzomberok. It´s not remarkable itself, but the view is! You can see almost half of Slovakia from its top. There are several ways to choose from. The shortest is 10 km long with the total ascent of 950m and the altitude at the top is 1611m.

Photo by Laky Landscape

4 Velký Rozsutec in the Mala Fatra

Veľký Rozsutec is one of the most iconic peak in Slovakia. It´s located in the Mala Fatra National Park, but because of its shape it somehow doesn´t fit into the area. From this magnificent peak you can see the whole mountain range of Mala Fatra. The height is 1609m.

5 Borišov in the Velka Fatra

Borišov is part of the Velka Fatra mountains. It´s just 1510m high, but it doesn´t matter at all. When hiking there you can also visit a small hut, which is by far the most romantic hut in Slovakia in my opinion and it is settled in a beautiful environment.

6 Lomnický štít in the High Tatras

There are numerous places in the High Tatras with stunning views, but I have to choose just one. Let´s say, you will get the best view from peak Lomnicky štít – the second highest peak of Slovakia. The best thing about this peak is, that you don´t have to walk to the top on your own, but you can simply take the cable car. 😉

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